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A Monarch Adventure

Released 2021
A young girl's curiosity motivates her to learn about the life cycle of the monarch, including its amazing transformation from egg to caterpillar, then chrysalis, and finally to a fully-grown butterfly. Lia raises monarchs from eggs in her butterfly garden.

A Monarch Adventure is a narrative nonfiction picture book with an illustrated flip-book motion feature running throughout the book that young readers love.

Full-color photography portrays the science and wonder of the monarch, its habitat and its breathtaking transformation. The concept of a nature journal as a tool for young explorers to learn and understand the natural world is also introduced.

Beth Lawnicki

Originally from Ohio, Beth Lawnicki is an intellectual property attorney and former engineer living in Florida. Her first book, A Monarch Adventure, was inspired by her love of nature, gardening, photography, and science, which she wanted to share with her children.

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